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M2 & M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

US Armoured personnel carrier, which fires M919 DU rounds with its 25mm cannon

Bradley AFV

The M2 & M3 Bradley is an armoured personnell carrier. Its primary function is to transport troops into battle, but it can also be used to engage enemy vehicles, and to provide fire support. Modified versions also exist for transporing engineers and commanders on the battlefield. It is manufactured by BAE Systems, but other contractors involved in the Bradley are Raytheon, DRS Technologies, Ebit Systems and L-3 Communications.

The Bradley is equipped with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon, which works with a 'dual feed'. The gunner is able to switch between armour piercing M919 DU and high explosive rounds. The gunner can select to fire single shots, at 100 or 200 rounds per minute.

The current US Bradley fleet is being upgraded to either 'A3' or ODS (Operation Desert Storm) standard. Both standards are still equipped with the M242 gun, and the Bradley is expected to remain in the US arsenal for the forseeable future.

The US army is reported to have brought 6,720 Bradleys, and 400 have been sold to Saudi Arabia.