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M774 105mm APFSDS-T round

US 105 mm Armour Piercing, Fin Stabalised, Discarding Sabot round.

  • Developed for the M60 Patton tanks, and also used in the original M1 Abrams
  • Replaced by the M833
  • Manufactured in the US, and also under license by Mecar in Belgium and the Heliopolis Company in Egypt







M60 Tank with 105mm M68 gun Original M1 Abrams Battle Tank, with 105mm M68 Gun


The M774 was A 105 mm tank round, used in the M60 series of tanks (above left), and later the original M1 Abrams tank (above right). This first version of the Abrams awas equipped with a 105mm M68 Gun. The M774 is no longer produced in the US, and is not thought to currently be in service. Both the M60 series and the M1 Abrams are out of service in the US, but the M60 was exported to numerous countries, and is still in service in many of them.

The US manufacturer of the M774 is not known for certain, but is likely to have been General Dynamics. The equivilent training round, the M724A1 TPDS-T round, was manufactured by General Dynamics Ordnance Tactical Services. The M774 was brought into service around 1975, following a development programme which tested an alloy with the same mix of titanium and DU as the PGU-14/B.

Foreign sales of the M774 to Taiwan, Province of China* (1,000 shells) and to Turkey (85,451) have been reported. The M774 was supersceded by the M833 APFSDS-T round.

Although the M774 is only thought to have been fired from the M60 and M1 tanks, in theory it is also capable of being fired from the following guns:

  • L7, a rifled British Gun used on the Centurian Tank, and also used in the German Leopard 1, Japanese Type 74, Sweedish Stridsvagn 103, Indian T-55A, and the Israeli Merkava. The M68 is actually a US licensed version of the L7. It has been reported that the L7 has also been adapted to fit Soviet built T-54 and T-55 tanks by Israel, Eqypt and Iraq, and Chinese Type 79 tanks.
  • Rh 105 smoothbore gun, developed privately by Rheinmetal of Germany, and not known to be fitted to any vehicle. The ammunition designed to work with this gun is a scaled down version of Rheinmetals 120mm rounds, and consists of a high explosive round, and an APFSDS-T round with a tungsten penetrator
  • CN105F1, manufactured by Nexter, fitted to the Giat Industries AMX-30 French tank. The AMX-30 has been largely supersceded by the Leclerc
  • GT7, manufactured by Denel of South Africa, and fitted to the Rooikat 105 Armoured fighting vehicle

The M68 cannon has also recently been fitted to the US M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System, which fires a number of rounds including the M900, sucessor to the M774.


*Reflecting ISO 3166-1 and United Nations terminology.