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DU exhibition opens at Berlin's Anti-War Museum

German campaigners produce Germany's first major exhibition on uranium weapons in Berlin.
27 May 2009 - Alexander Stöcker

The exhibition was opened on May 1st under the patronage of the German singer and actress Nina Hagen, who has been calling attention to this topic for several years, and attracted an excited crowd.

The exhibition had been initiated by the students Romy Schreiber and Alexander Stöcker with the assistance of the German ICBUW representative Prof. Dr. Manfred Mohr. “Right after I had first come across this topic, I knew that there had to be done something. I was really shocked that even people associated with the anti-nuclear-movement hadn’t heard about depleted uranium,” said Alexander Stöcker in the opening address.

Exhibition boards

The exhibition looks at the topic from a political, scientific and a judicial perspective, focusing on the most recent developments in the growing international debate over uranium weapons. “As initiators we hope that this exhibition can be the first step to bring back DU on the political agenda of the German government. We are very grateful that the museum has given us the chance to make this exhibition possible,” said co-organiser Romy Schreiber.

exhibition visitors

The organisers hope that the exhibition will help to raise the level of awareness of the issue domestically, creating more pressure on the German government to follow the Belgian example and to initiate a DU ban. The exhibition can be visited until the 30th of June 2009 in the Anti-War-Museum in Berlin-Mitte, Brüsseler Str. 21, daily from 4 to 8pm and is free of charge.

For contact information please visit the website of the museum at or send an e-mail to .

All photos by Romy Schreiber