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Depleted uranium weapons: the next target for disarmament?

This review of the legal status of uranium weapons first appeared in UNIDIR's journal 'Disarmament Forum' in October 2008.
22 October 2008 - Avril McDonald


  • UNIDIR - Depleted uranium weapons: the next target for disarmament?

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    Avril McDonald - Source:
    Disarmament efforts have reaped a number of notable successes over the past years. These endeavours have not been completely random, but have generally aimed at putting beyond use and out of circulation weapons that may breach the law of armed confict (LOAC). States moved from banning chemical weapons in 1993 to outlawing blinding lasers in 1995, and then anti-personnel mines in 1997. The latest disarmament campaign has succeeded in prohibiting cluster munitions (for those states that join the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions).
    Which problematic weapons should be next in line for a treaty ban or restriction? Many believe that prime candidates are weapons containing depleted uranium.