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3UBM-13 115mm APFSDS-T round

Soviet DU round for the T-62 and T-64 tank

Tungsten based 3UBM-9 round. Similar in design to the DU based 3UBM-13 round The 3UBM-13 was the last round to be designed for the 115mm gun on the T-62 and T-64 tanks. Most armour piercing rounds designed for this tank were made with hardened steel penetrators. The 3UBM-13 and 3UBM-9 (which had a tungsten-steel penetrator - shown to the left) were the only exceptions.

Few technical details are available about this round. 3UBM-13 is the name for the whole round. The projectile assembly is called the 3BM-28, and the penetrator is known to weigh 4.36 kg. The charge used for the round is known as the 4A42.

According to Jane's, the non-DU 3UBM-9 is probably the current production armour piercing round, rather than the 3UBM-13. The 3UBM-9 is manufactured by the Engineering Research Institute (NIMI) in Moscow. It is not known whether the 3UBM-13 is manufactured there as well.

While T-62 and T-64 tanks have been largely replaced in Russian armoured forces, around 100 of each model are thought to be still in service, and many thousands kept in storage. As such it is likely that the 3UBM-13 is still in service with the Russian army. It also seems likely that the armed forces of ex-Soviet states are still equipped with Soviet era ammunition for their T-62 and T-64 tanks, which may well include 3UBM-13 rounds. While these tank models have also been widely exported, ICBUW is not aware of any evidence that DU ammunition has been exported to the many countries which field them.