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20th November: Hearing in the Belgian Parliament – Long Term Dangers of Uranium Weapons

On November 20, 2006, the Belgian House Commission on National Defense
will hold a Hearing in the federal Parliament about weapons systems containing depleted uranium or other industrially manufactured uranium. The hearing will take place from 13:00 to 15:00.
16 November 2006 - Willem Van den Panhuysen

Experts will deal with the hazardous effects of depleted uranium shells and dust particles left behind on battlefields.

Dr. Keith Baverstock, a professor in environmental sciences and the former head of the radiation protection unit of the World Health Organisation, will discuss the hazardous environmental effects of the use of uranium weapons.

Chemical engineer Henk van der Keur, head of the Laka Foundation, an independent research organisation on the nuclear energy issue, will discuss the medical consequences of the use of depleted uranium ammuntion.

Activists, members of For Mother Earth, will perform an original visual conscious raising action at the entrance of the Parliament building, making the choice for a ban on uranium weapons clear to the arriving Parliamentarians.

Press Conference

Before the Hearing, at 12:00, the Belgian Coalition Stop Uranium Weapons will organise a press conference in the parliament building, together with Dr. Keith Baverstock and Ir. Henk van der Keur.

Please contact us for more details about time and place.

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Contact for all information:
Willem van den Panhuysen, For Mother Earth,
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